Everything started more than 148 years ago

A survey of our company history, from today back to the roots:

  • 2014
    KL Technology, a medium-sized UK company, acquires Bamberger Kaliko. The new company Bamberger Kaliko Textile Finishing GmbH is founded.

  • 2010-2011
    Investments for a green future. Start of a new energy efficiency programme: sewage sludge treatment, thermal recycling and stratified water storage tanks help to reduce CO2 emission and to conserve resources.

  • 2008
    The new on-site biological wastewater plant is in operation. Used water is treated and fed back into the production process.

  • 2006
    Launch of a new product range: abrasive backing fabrics

  • 2000
    After a Management Buy Out, Bamberger Kaliko becomes an independent “GmbH” (limited liability company).

  • 1988
    Move to the new factory site in Bamberg Kramersfeld. Substantial investments in environmental protection (no solvents used in production; biological wastewater treatment).

  • 1973
    Roller blind fabrics as a new product range.

  • 1970
    Bamberger Kaliko is bought by its competitor Göppinger Kaliko, a subsidiary of Continental AG Hannover.

  • 1965
    Change of corporate form into “GmbH” (limited liability company).

  • 1960
    Bamberger Kalikofabrik is taken over by Venesta Ltd., London.

  • World War II
    Under German administration again. Production almost comes to a stop. After the war, Winterbottom UK is restored to ownership.

  • 1925
    British Winterbottom Book Cloth Company, Manchester, is majority share holder.

  • World War I
    Under German administration. Registered as Bamberger Kalikofabrik AG

  • 1892
    William Rock from Liverpool, England, takes over the company. The beginning of almost 100 years of British ownership.

  • 1864, 20th June
    Production starts.

  • 1863, 1st June
    Foundation of a dyeing, bleaching and finishing plant by Karl Wiecking on the banks of the river Regnitz in Bamberg.

  • Source
    Chronik der Bamberger Kaliko "Rolle vorwärts", 1. Auflage 1998, copyright Bamberger Kaliko GmbH