Two-coloured cover material

An impressive two-coloured cover material with a lively shot kaleidoscope of colours.
The lively interaction of fabric and background colour can result in a difference of colour intensity.

Processing possibilities:
foil stamping, embossing, offset printing (limited), screen printing, die-cutting, grooving, creasing

Cover material for books, agendas, corporate publishing, diaries, catalogues, luxury packaging (e. g. for jewelry, fragrance, liquor), displays, photo albums, ring binders, stationery, passe-partouts, slipcases, cardboard and fancy packaging, media packaging (DVD / CD, etc.),
hang tags, labels, joints for brochures, etc.

  • Production width mm (inches): 2560
  • Standard width mm (inches): 1280 (50.4)
  • Warp: rayon
  • Weft: rayon
  • Thickness mm (inches):~ 0,26 (0.010)
  • Weight (g/m2): ~ 120
  • Lining paper (g/m2): 35
Request a sample

If requested, we will be pleased to send you sample material. Special colours on request. All technical details are average values. Please allow tolerances up to +/-20 mm (0.8")!
Note: The illustrations may differ from the original samples.